Additional activities


Walk to Whitworth Art Gallery

On Friday afternoon we will be taking a 15-minute stroll to Manchester's renowned Whitworth Art Gallery - all welcome to join us. We will be leaving at 3.15pm (meet in the foyer next to reception) and will be back by 5.15pm. Entry to the main exhibitions at the Whitworth is free. Being Manchester, it's bound to be sunny but you may like to bring a brolly just in case.


Work share

A room dedicated to work share will be available all weekend (Friday 2.30pm to Sunday 2pm). The room will be equipped with tables, headrests and chairs and is situated next to the foyer where registration will take place.


T'ai Chi

On the Saturday and Sunday there will be a free T'ai Chi session between 7 am and 8 am for you early morning larks. This will take place in the Hulme Hall Library which is very near to the dining area where we will be having breakfast. Thanks to Manchester-based AT teacher, Jan Dames who is offering this as an extra for those who may wish to try it for the first time, along with any seasoned T'ai Chi folk.  

Programme details

Sunday Talks
The talks on Sunday morning are open to all Delegates. They are:

Kathleen Ballard: Alexander's reference to an ideo-motor centre in the brain and his reading
of William James' explanation of ideo-motor  theory  (1890): Might renewedscientific interest in ideo-motor  theory lead to a wider understanding ofthe Alexander Technique?

Malcolm Williamson: Delsarte, Dewey and Alexander: A world order in flux and the creative advancement of the individual.

Poster displays

This conference will also be presenting summaries of current research on the AT in the form of poster displays.  There are discussions of the poster displays at coffee time on Sunday morning. We are also looking for cartoons depicting the Alexander Technique or the conference emblem (the bee). Please contact us (Julia for posters and Sue for cartoons) if you would like to submit a poster or a cartoon. 

Workshop details can be downloaded here 

Presenter descriptions can be downloaded here

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